Zoo’s Ferret Sanctuary – Kirkland, Illinois

The Furball Foundation supports Zoo’s Ferret Sanctuary in Kirkland, Illinois:

The Furball Foundation has completed $20,097.30 in repairs to Zoo’s Ferret Sanctuary, including the installation of new floors in all ferret areas, a new air conditioning system for the ferrets, a new air purification system, the removal of an old chimney, and reconstruction of the north wall and installation of a new ceiling fan in the main ferret playroom.

Zoo’s Ferret Sanctuary is participating in Operation THUNDER WHISKERS.

Ferret Underground – Tomah, Wisconsin

The Furball Foundation supports the Ferret Underground in Tomah, Wisconsin:

It is with great honor that the Furball Foundation remembers Sue Holme, the owner of the Ferret Underground in Tomah, Wisconsin. Sue entered into eternal life on July 19, 2022, and leaves behind an ocean of memories made of love and devotion to fuzzies, family, and friends.

Sue – you will be missed. But there are a thousand little furry faces waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. And they are ready to take you home…

What we leave behind, prepares the way for what lies ahead.”   Snoopy the Ferret – July 2022



In effect as of 8 APR 2022 @ 1300 EST.

Operation HAKUNA MATATA is a joint operation between Colombian environmental authorities and The Furball Foundation. The mission is to safely relocate large predatory cats from conservation centers throughout Colombia to their natural habitats. But the relocation sites must be far away from population centers and match the natural habitat of the cat species. These sites are often only reachable by helicopter. Consequently, the physical movement of the cat to the jungle is resource-intensive and expensive.

The Furball Foundation has identified three predatory cats that are ready to return to their natural habitat. The Furball Foundation is currently in the process of drawing up a tentative plan for their relocation and estimating the costs involved. Furball Foundation personnel will be aboard the helicopters during release operations and will film the events.


In effect as of 14 APR 2022 @ 1000 EST.

Operation THUNDER WHISKERS is a joint operation between Colombian environmental authorities and The Furball Foundation. The mission is to safely relocate ferrets seized or rescued by the Colombian government to ferret shelters or caring families in the United States. Ferrets are currently illegal in Colombia and are only sold on the black market. Consequently, there are no support services for ferrets or ferret families in Colombia, including ferret food, medicine or veterinary care.

Initially, six ferrets have been identified for relocation, including Puff, who was highlighted in one of our recent videos. The Furball Foundation is currently working with Colombian environmental authorities to identify all of the necessary permits and medical certifications needed to extradite Puff and his five furry friends to the United States.

Operation “MONARCA”

In effect as of 1 JAN 2021 @ 0001 EST.

The Furball Foundation supports the Monarch Butterfly Leadership Foundation (Fundación Líderes Monarca) in Bogotá, Colombia:

Operation MONARCA is a joint operation between the Furball Foundation and the Monarch Butterfly Leadership Foundation based in Colombia. Through a program designed to help children in conditions of vulnerability, the Furball Foundation supports a home for young girls in south Bogotá. In addition to providing donations for the repair and upkeep of the home itself, the Furball Foundation supports instruction in leadership and personal responsibility to prepare the girls for their journey to adulthood. Working with Colombian National Police, the Furball Foundation sponsors events in which the girls interact with specialized Colombian police K-9 and equestrian units to increase awareness of how fuzzies help police fight global wildlife trafficking.

As of August 2022, the Furball Foundation has donated $25,476 to the Monarch Butterfly Leadership foundation.


No undercover operations are in effect.

No agents are currently deployed to the field.


Dalmatian puppy standing and looking at a Ferret standing on hind legs