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Since 2022

Saving Fuzzies – One at a Time

Our History

The Furball Foundation has been helping ferret shelters throughout the United States since 2019. In 2022, we officially received 501c3 charity status from the IRS. In May 2023, we purchased our very own ferret castle in Jacksonville, Florida, which now serves as our rescue and FBF Headquarters.

The Furball Foundation has also been the primary supporter of a home for young girls in Bogotá, Colombia since 2020.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Furball Foundation maintains a ferret rescue in Jacksonville, Florida and supports a home for young girls in Bogotá, Colombia. Our mission is to provide a safe refuge for as many floofs (or young ladies) as we possibly can.

We can’t save them all. But we can save a few. And we do it – one at a time.

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Why Adopt?

You are providing a FUREVER HOME!

Fuzzies need lots of attention and love!  And here at the Furball Foundation, we give them as much as we can. But there are a lot of ferrets in here. Like, a whole lot.  So although our floofs have it pretty good, we would love for them to find a home where they get even more attention, cuddles and hugs.

You are not supporting ferret mills!

When you buy a floof at a pet store, you are supporting the big businesses that churn out ferrets for use as pets, but also for use in medical experiments. Which we do not approve here at the FBF.  So adopt!  Don’t shop!

Adopting is more affordable!

We do not like the idea of charging an adoption fee here at the FBF.  But if we don’t, we open up our floofs to non-serious owners who just want a free ferret or people intent on reselling our fuzzies for a profit.  So we DO charge an adoption fee.  But it’s way cheaper than buying at a pet store!

Youn are getting a well taken care of floof!

Here at the FBF we keep all our ferrets up to date on their medical visits.  They get the best ferret food money can buy, and our very own hot chicken soup twice a day. They even get a supplement to keep them furry and healthy. So you are getting a well taken care of furball.

You get a support system!

If you adopt a ferret from the FBF, you can count on us forever to offer guidance and help so that your fuzzy stays happy and healthy.  Plus, if your adoption doesn’t work out, just bring the floof back for a refund.


Our Board of Directors

James Bugda

James B. Bugda

James is a 23-year veteran of the DEA with three tours in Colombia as a Special Agent. After retiring in 2019, James spent his time volunteering at ferret shelters throughout the United States until 2020, when he took a job as a contractor with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. James now serves as a technical advisor to the Colombian and Peruvian National Police, aiding them in the fight against global wildlife trafficking and deforestation.

James has an honorable discharge from the United States Army as a Captain and served a combat tour in Iraq in 2003. He has a master’s degree in Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of Nottingham in England and has 7 fuzzy ferrets of his own in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kimie M. lloyd

Kim is a retired legal assistant with twenty years of experience owning ferrets and volunteering at ferret shelters throughout the United States. Kim now serves as the primary caretaker and volunteer coordinator of our ferret rescue in Jacksonville, Florida.

She has two sons, three grandchildren, and six ferrets – Snoopy, Emily, Snickers, Phoebe, Peppy and Eva Mouse.

Kim lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, to whom she has been married for 40 years.

Kim loves fuzzy animals and enjoys traveling and playing co-ed softball.


Jenny Linares

In addition to being a director for The Furball Foundation, Jenny is the founder of Fundación Líderes Monarca – a non-profit organization established in Colombia, South America, in 2020. Fundación Líderes Monarca benefits children in conditions of vulnerability.  It does this through the implementation of programs and services that strengthen the development of personal being, as well as by providing important life tools for the journey to adulthood.

Jenny discovered her life purpose in 2014 and since then has published four books on leadership, and personal and spiritual growth, with the aim of continuing to positively impact the lives of others.

Sandra Milena Reyes Caceres

Sandra Milena Reyes is a Colombian police lieutenant coronel and the former commander of a wildlife and environmental protection group in Bogotá. In this charge, she fought against illegal wildlife trafficking in South America and around the globe.

Over the course of 24 years as a Colombian police officer, Sandra served as the commander of a sex crimes investigation unit, a robbery and theft investigation unit, a narcotics investigation unit, an anti-kidnapping unit and even the commander of a homicide investigation unit.  Sandra has three undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree in Criminology and Victimology.

Sandra has been married to her husband Diego for 17 years and has two children, Mia (7) and Juan Diego (9). Sandra loves to travel and experience nature and loves dancing to Colombian music.


Snoopy is the Lord Commander of the ferret business at the Furball Foundation. He is approximately five years old, and was inititally surrendered to a ferret shelter in the northeastern United States around 2019.

Snoopy is in a bonded pair with Princess Emily, and has been a Furball Foundation Director since 2022.

He enjoys taking naps (lots of them), cuddling with his humans and watching archaeology documentaries (mostly Roman, Greek and Egyptian) on YouTube with his human papi.


Princess Emily rules over the business at the Furball Foundation with her lifetime partner – Snoopy.  Emily was initially surrendered to a ferret shelter in the northeastern United States as Emmit (her prior family didn’t realize she was a princess), then came to the Furball Foundation in 2020.  She is now about five years old, and has been serving as a Director at the FBF since 2022.

Emily enjoys listening to ambient music on the outdoor patio at the ferret rescue with her papi, as well as taking naps, playing in the tunnel, and sharing her chicken soup with Snoopy