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The Furball Foundation is open 24 hours.  But please set up an appointment first before you come and visit us!

And please keep in mind, we are licensed by the state of Florida to maintain, adopt and show the domesticated ferret.  Please don’t bring us wildlife, especially raccoons, because they carry a deadly disease that can wipe out a ferret shelter in a matter of days.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions
My ferret is injured! Can I bring him to you?

No! Please keep in mind, we are a ferret shelter.  When our ferrets are injured or sick, we have to take them to a vet.  We do not offer medical services for ferrets. Having said that, we never refuse a ferret who wants to live with us.

Can I make an appointment to buy a ferret?

No! We are not a pet store and do not sell ferrets. We do adopt out ferrets after a strict application process, which is desgined to place ferrets in quality homes with the priority being the happiness of the furball, not the human.

Do I get preference for adoptions if I already own ferrets?

Yes! Experienced ferret owners seeking to adopt a floof will move to the front of the waiting list. Remeber, the adoption process is based on the belief that the fuzzy is going to a good home. The ferret comes first!

I found an injured squirrel, racoon, skunk, etc. Can I bring him to you?

No! Only ferrets please. Wild animals carry a disease called distemper that is highly deadly and highly contagious. Distemper can wipe out a ferret shelter in a matter of days!

Can I just show up and volunteer?

Yes! But you will have to provide a valid ID and pass a quick interview with one of our directors first. This is our home, and we have precious furry cargo with us. We need to make sure that the ferrets will approve of you.

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