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Finding the Perfect Ferret Can Be Easy, But There’s Lots to Consider!

On this page you will find all of the ferrets that the Furball Foundation has considered to be suitable for adoption. We take a number of factors into account, including health, temperment, biting, their attachment to other ferrets already at the shelter, and age.

Remember, the adoption process is all about the happiness of the ferret. They have it pretty good here at The Furball Foundation. We only let them go if we genuinely believe they are headed for a better situation where they will get even more love and attention.

Thanks for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?

The process can all happen in a day. But please call first for an interview with one of our directors. We are strict about pre-qualifying potential ferret mommies and daddies, so it’s better if we chat by phone first.

How Much Does Adopting Cost?

Less than 1 year old – $200.00

1-3 years old – $150.00

3+ years old – $100

Can I adopt just one ferret?

Yes! But only if you have other ferrets at home already. We do not send ferrets into situations where they don’t have a fuzzy friend to play with. The rare exception would be a single ferret that does not get along with others.

Will you break up a bonded pair?

Never. The adoption page lists which ferrets must be adopted with their lifelong furry friends. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The floof just got home with me, and my mom is allergic!

If it doesn’f work out, for any reason, just bring the furballs back for a full refund.

ADOPTION LISTINGS - updated 2-19-24

Available Ferrets

Baxter and Otto

Baxter (left) and Otto were rescued on February 18, so we have not had much time to observe them (or fatten them up).  They are a bonded pair – cannot be separated. Approximately 18 months old, both males – very high energy level. They simply wouldn’t stand still for a photo.

Baxter and Otto

They both play quite nicely with humans – soft play bites only. But they were not great around other ferrets. Not savage – but they caused a few brush tails in the main play room.

Felix and Quinn

Quinn (above) and Felix (right) are a bonded pair – cannot be separated. They were rescued on February 18, 2024. Quinn is actually female; Felix is male. Estimate 2-3 years old.

Felix and Quinn

Both play nicely with humans – no biting observed. They live in a large room with 14 other ferrets, and get along well enough. Quinn squeaks at the other ferrets sometimes, but he has only been here for a day, so maybe he will warm up to everyone.